Episode notes

Ivelisse Morales is our guest today. Her company is “Bombilla” which means lightbulb in Puerto Rican Spanish, and this company shines bright with its all women-of-color staff and is fueled by a national network of diverse co-conspiring creatives on their mission to make the world brighter. In less than five years, this small & mighty team has served over 60 clients in the Bay Area and across the US with brand strategy, visual identity and graphic design.

Ivi is a recognized speaker, poet and writer and an award-winning entrepreneur who brings a decade of experience in using marketing as a force for good—for brands of all sizes. From inside major creative agencies like IDEO and Ogilvy and beyond, Ivi has sharpened her creative skillset in public relations, media, design, marketing and communications all in the service of positive change. ... 

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