Giving from a Full Cup, with Harmony Ziegler of AKOYA Lifestyle and Wilderness Therapy

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Episode notes

In today’s episode you’ll meet Harmony Ziegler of Akoya Lifestyle & Wellness Therapy. Akoya offers an innovative therapeutic approach to online therapy, therapy & wellness outdoors, and personal luxury retreat therapy. Harmony is an accredited wilderness guide, and she’s also a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master of Science in Counselling. She specializes in therapy for leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and game changers to maximize their social impact.

You’ll notice the cadence of this conversation with Harmony is a little slower and intentional than usual. I think this, in part, comes from the qualities, pace and presence that she has cultivated in order to create spaciousness for people and their stories to unfold. Harmony shares the journey she took so that she could Give From a Full Cup.