Volcanoes More Dangerous Than a Comet or AI, Nuclear Energy Will Save Us, Rex is back & A Mormon

Quantum Bombs by Beth Hagendorf

Episode notes

Rex returns from his cross country road trip bearing gifts and no proof he did not blow up the Georgia stones. He spoke with a buddy that is super high up in the military and discloses 3 important things. 1) AI is not to be worried about. 2) Comets / Meteorites are also not a threat to humanity 3) Volcanoes are... we got nothing on them. Beth shares a TV show she created that has a special segment on Super Volcanoes. We go back and forth on how Nuclear Energy is the safest and greenest way to power our planet despite our human stupidity not to be open to it. And is it fusion or fission? The team now has a new dream and pact to own and fly a dirigible at least 300 feet long and land it in NYC before one of them dies.

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