Jessica West on Space Governance: The Challenges and Potential for Humanity Beyond Earth

The Quantum Feedback Loop by James Myers

Episode notes

We sat down with Jessica West, who is a senior researcher in space governance with a depth of experience in a rapidly evolving and crucially important field, to talk about the challenges and opportunities for humanity beyond earth. With competing military and commercial activity in space, and large numbers of satellites and objects to track, Jessica has said that the situation is becoming tense and requires a lowering of the heat. Jessica explains the history of space governance, beginning with the United Nations’ 1967 Outer Space Treaty and its ideals, and the extent to which humanity’s presence in outer space has multiplied many times over since. As she outlines the present state of global discussions and activity at the UN, Jessica gives a sense of hope that we are on a path toward real progress in the peaceful use of outer space.

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