Louis Rosenberg on Collective Superintelligence and the Virtual Future

The Quantum Feedback Loop by James Myers

Episode notes

With his decades-long experience in virtual reality technologies, Louis Rosenberg talks about a new technological paradigm designed to facilitate a collective human superintelligence. Called Swarm AI, it's modelled after natural swarm intelligence among fish, bees, and other species, and aims to amplify the decision-making capacity of groups of people instead of the machine making the decision for them. Louis' new book, Our Next Reality, and his role with the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, highlight the crucial choices that lie ahead with increasingly powerful virtual reality applications, in building a future of humans, made by humans, and for humans. We can't know whether collective superintelligence is the answer, but the questions that Louis raises at the conclusion of the talk demand urgent attention and discussion.

collective superintelligence