Dr. Burcin Ikiz on brain health and the effects of climate change

The Quantum Feedback Loop by James Myers

Episode notes

The Quantum Feedback Loop welcomes neuroscientist Dr. Burcin Ikiz, who describes her new initiative, EcoNeuro, to study the effects of climate change on the brain in different areas and environmental conditions around the globe. Burcin is a pioneer in investigating the effects on brain health from pollution, extreme heat, and other environmental stresses. As both a scientist and a mother, Burcin’s goal is to raise awareness of the issues so that action can be taken both locally and globally to reduce the risk of damage to brain health, and treatments can be developed to mitigate the damages already taking place. In the discussion, Burcin mentions the Pulitzer Center’s Local Letters for Global Change contest for children of all grades to express their concerns and solutions for climate change, the link for which is

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