QPD Podcast

by Cambiar Investors

Investing in today's market environment requires asset managers to have foundational principles. At Cambiar Investors, their three pillars are Quality | Price | Discipline (QPD). In this podcast, host Kyle Helton dives deep into what QPD means and how the philosophy is applied across a variety of investments. Disclosure: Certain information contained in this podcast series constitutes “forward-looking statements”, which are ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • RSV Unveiled: Breaking Down the New Vaccines on the Block

    RSV Unveiled: Breaking Down the New Vaccines on the Block

    In this episode of the QPD Podcast, Dr. Raymond Blum, a board-certified expert in internal medicine and infectious diseases, discusses the impact of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). We explore the revolutionary new vaccines, their development, effectiveness, and impact on public health.

  • The Current Small and Midcap Landscape

    The Current Small and Midcap Landscape

    We unveil the intricacies of the small and midcap stocks landscape in the first episode of season three. Amidst a market teeming with opportunities and risks, we delve into why active management becomes not just a strategy but a necessity in navigating the volatile terrain of lower capitalization stocks.

  • Season 2

  • Unleashing Value's Aggressive Side

    Unleashing Value's Aggressive Side

    In this episode, we shift our spotlight onto the Aggressive Value ETF (ticker CAMX). While aggressive growth products abound, the realm of aggressive value is a road less traveled. Join us as we uncover the secrets that make this strategy truly distinctive, and discover a handful of fresh opportunities recently added to the portfolio by Portfolio Manager, Brian Barish.

  • QPD Highlights - Escape the Strategist Trap

    QPD Highlights - Escape the Strategist Trap

    In our first episode of QPD Highlights ( bite-sized insights on key investment topics), Cambiar President Brian Barish details why you should avoid the noise of strategists in today's market environment. How wars in the Middle East and Ukraine are reasons to demand a margin of safety in your investments, and why "higher for longer" in terms of interest rates might be misleading.

  • All Things Financial

    All Things Financial

    Cambiar Investment Principal Ania Aldrich joins the program to discuss all things financials. Topics range from the state of regional and large banks post second-quarter earnings, impact from rating downgrades, inflation targets, rising credit card debt, and the insurance sector.