28 - The Art of Success, with Wesley Chu

Publishing Rodeo: The Good, The Bad, and the Bloody Ugly by Sunyi Dean

Episode notes
Against the odds, Wesley Chu's small-press debut novel became a break-out success. In the ten years since, he has published a dozen other titles, written for large IPs, signed deals with the Big 5, and even dabbled in self publishing. Today, he sits down to chat about unexpected wins, getting blacklisted by publicists, learning to write sex scenes with Diana Galbadon, industry trends for SFF, and many other things. #### SHOW NOTES ####
  • Got through the Angry Robot slush pile, unagented
  • Lives of Tau was a stellar breakout success
  • Cowriting with Cassandra Clare, and being tutored by Diana Galbadon
  • Watching yaoi, learning to write sex scenes
  • Publishing experience with the big 5; getting blacklisted by a publicist
  • Recovering and moving on with your career
  • The shocking number of people who quit the in ... 
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