Episode 5 - Jeremy Little - The teacher turned attorney protecting your business

Protea Conversations by Zane Stevens

Episode notes

Meet Jeremy! The teacher turned attorney. An incredible journey from helping troubled teens to keeping business owners out of trouble. A specialist in dirt, food and booze.

Jeremy Little, a partner at CMPR Attorneys, shares his career journey from being a teacher to becoming a lawyer. He discusses the challenges he faced along the way and the importance of networking and learning from others. Jeremy also talks about his role as a leader and the advice he received that helped him in his career.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring Maine, and supporting Boston sports teams. In this episode of Protea Conversations, the host and guest discuss their favorite piece of technology and favorite childhood meal. They explore the impact of technology on their lives and how it can both simplify and complicate thi ... 

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