John Crawley, author and former member of the Provisional IRA, talks with Prop Anon

The Prop Anon Podcast by Gabriel Kennedy

Episode notes
In this episode I speak with John Crawley, author of the recent memoir, The Yank: The True Story of a Former Marine in the Irish Republican Army. Crawley, who was born in Long Island, New York to two Irish parents, eventually joined the Provisional IRA after he spent years in the US military, training with the elite US Marine Recon division. The book reads like a movie, as Crawley tells how he flew back to the States to begin a gun running network out of Boston, aided by none other than the Boston Mob. This is a great book, and our interview was also amazing. John thinks very philosophically when it comes to Irish Republicanism and makes those who listen wonder when, and if, it will ever be fully achieved. Take a listen!