Ep 25: Discussion with Dr Simon Brown-Greaves

Prof Joe Covid 19 Aged Care Podcast by Prof Joe

Episode notes

Episode 25 introduces our guest Dr Simon Brown-Greaves, a psychologist, dispute negotiator and wellbeing and organisational consultant in leadership as well as the Director and CEO of FBG Group.

Prof Joe and Simon explore the stress and psychological well being. Simon has personal experience with Covid-19. Simon was on a cruise ship in South America, then evacuated and quarantined in Sydney where he had an infection with Covid-19.

Listen to Simon explore and explain the threats to our mental wellbeing during Covid-19, how people respond differently to the stress, how to adapt and how to help each other. Prof Joe and Simon also examine the issue of disenfranchised grief which is more likely to occur in an aged care setting. Ken Doka, coined the term ‘disenfranchised grief’ to describe “grief that results when a person experiences a ... 

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