Ep 15: Discussion with Sue Atkins (Infection Control Advisor)

Published: Apr 24 2020

Episode 15 provides a discussion of Prof Joe’s fourth action point – Detection, Surveillance, Isolation and Suspected Cases.

PPE is a term that we’ve all become very familiar with. But today we address the questions we may have in order to actually understand what it is and how to use it. We discuss exactly what constitutes PPE, how to wear it and what to do if we breach our PPE.

In today’s episode:

~ What are some of the rights and wrongs when it comes to PPE use?

~ What do we do in case of a PPE shortage?

~ What constitutes a breach in PPE?

~ What are the differences in PPE required for healthy patients vs. suspected patients vs. confirmed patients?

Today Sue Atkins, who is a Regional Infection Control Advisor with the Department of Health and Human Services joins us to discuss the current guidelines for the use of Personal Protective Equipment in aged care facilities. Sue talks us through the fine details of the common situations that staff and residents experience.


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