Ep 14: Discussion with Sarah Whiting (Infectious Disease Specialist)

Published: Apr 24 2020

Episode 14 provides a discussion of Prof Joe’s fourth action point – – Detection, Surveillance, Isolation and Suspected Cases.

Today we delve further into the course of infection of COVID-19 and how it might present. But older people are not your typical population, and aged care facilities are not your typical living environment. Join us as we discuss the need for screening and early detection in aged care facilities and how we can go about this.

In today’s episode:

~ How might older people present differently to the general population?

~ How often should we be screening aged care residents for signs of disease?

~ How should we monitor a COVID-19 positive patient within the aged care facility?

~ Why do we recommend a colour code system to simplify the system of what needs to be done for patients according to their COVID-19 status?

Prof Joe introduces Dr Sarah Whiting, an Infectious Diseases and General Medicine Specialist at The Alfred Hospital, to discuss the clinical guidelines and practicalities around screening residents living in aged care facilities.


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