Ep 9 : Discussion with Associate Professor Noleen Bennet (Senior Infection Control Consultant)

Published: Apr 08 2020

Episode 9 provides a discussion of Prof Joe’s third action point – An Uncompromising Approach to Infection Control.

Associate Professor Noleen Bennet (Infection Control Consultant) joins Prof Joe in this episode and brings us back to basics with the principles of infection control. How is COVID-19 transmitted? What are the principles of infection control and how can we practice them? Should I be wearing a mask or gloves when visiting a relative? These are a few of the questions that Noleen addresses during this episode.

On today’s episode:

~ How is COVID-19 transmitted? How does this guide what infection control procedures should be in place?

~ How can we practice infection control in aged care facilities?

~ How should we be preparing in advance for infection control during an outbreak?

~ What should be included in an outbreak plan?

~ Where can we find resources for infection control and prevention?


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