Ep 10 : Discussion with Greg Van Borssum (Leadership Coach)

Published: Apr 11 2020

Episode 10 provides a discussion of Prof Joe’s third action point – An Uncompromising Approach to Infection Control.

Today we take a different stance on combatting the pandemic. Let’s look at COVID-19 from military perspective, with COVID the threat and nursing homes the combat field. We see how like any successful operation, behind any victory is successful leadership.

On today’s episode:

~ How every single person in the aged care community, from healthcare workers to residents and their families, can contribute and help keep people safe.

~ Why is leadership so important during this crisis?

~ How will successful leaders create a positive, collaborative culture within RACS?

~ Why we need to completely flip conventional hierarchical forms of management and change the style of leadership.

Join Prof Joe and Greg Van Borssum (an Award winning Film Director and choreographer, World Champion Pistol Shooter, Martial Arts Expert and Life Line Ambassador) for an inspiring discussion about leadership, culture and team work. Greg, cuts through the technical aspects to remind us that doing the basics well and look after each other is the key to success.