Ep 7 : Interview Insights with Ian Yates (CEO of COTA)

Published: Apr 02 2020

Episode 7 is a bonus episode providing further discussion on Prof Joe’s second action point – Make the lockdown humane.

Prof Joe welcomes Ian Yates (CEO of Councils of the Ageing – COTA) to the podcast today, who offers valuable insight into the current situation in aged care. Both share their initial concern surrounding the harsh lockdown in aged care facilities, but why are they both now advocating for a total lockdown? Join us as Ian Yates shares the accounts and experiences of residents and their families on the issue of lockdown.

On today’s episode:

~ How facilities are adapting to the situation?

~ Why chemical restraint is not and should not be the answer.

~ Is work currently being done behind the scenes in the aged care sector?

~ Why is a consistent message between state governments important for success in the aged care sector?