Ep 6 : Discussion with Marie Crossland (CEO Napier Street RACS) & Sally Eastwood (Occupational Therapist)

Published: Apr 02 2020

Episode 6 provides a discussion of Prof Joe’s second action point – Make the lockdown humane.

Following the recent Royal Commission, trust in the aged care sector is lower than ever. So introduction of a complete lockdown in aged care facilities may understandably cause a lot of distress for families of residents unable to see their loved ones. However, innovation within aged care facilities is helping create trust with families and create connectedness during the pandemic.

On today’s episode:

~ What are some of the compromises that may come with a complete lockdown?

~ Why is there currently an innate mistrust in the aged care sector? What are facilities doing to repair this?

~ What innovative things are aged care facilities doing to maintain connection during the lockdown?

~ What is a communications officer? And, why are we advocating for this role during the lockdown?

Join Prof Joe, Marie Crossland (CEO Napier Street Aged Care Services), Sally Eastwood (occupational therapist) and Jeremy Ley (community advocate) as they discuss these issues and advocate for a new role within aged care facilities - the communications officer.


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