The Pro-Life Guy's Podcast

by Cam Côté

My name is Cam, I'm a guy who's passionate about ending the killing of pre-born children, and this is a podcast dedicated to giving you the tools you need to change minds and save lives from abortion. I work for a pro-life organization called the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), and together with my colleagues have reached millions of Canadians with the truth about abortion. Join me as I breakdown all the pro-c ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 159: Exposing IVF | ft. Laura Klassen

    159: Exposing IVF | ft. Laura Klassen

    Laura Klassen, founder of, is a leader in both pregnancy support and in exposing the injustice of abortion and other attacks on human life.In today's episode, Laura joins PLG podcast host Cam to talk about her most recent episode in her "Exposed" series which focuses on In Vitro Fertilization and the hundreds of millions of tiny boys and girls killed every year through this practice which in many ways commodifies human life in a very different way than abortion.In vitro fertilization is naturally a very personal subject for countless people around the world seeking to satisfy the very good and natural desire for children, including many within the pro-life movement. As such, we must take a long and critical look at whether or not this is an appropriate practice to satisfy this deep longing (spoiler alert: it isn't).To view Laura's video on IVF, go to: learn more about Choice42, go to: check out the episode Cam recorded with Stephanie Gray Connors focused on how to talk about IVF, go to: to the PLG newsletter to be entered into the draw for a copy of Stephanie's Book on our website at: to the PLG YouTube Channel at:

  • 158: Giving Tuesday | ft. Loretta Slomp

    158: Giving Tuesday | ft. Loretta Slomp

    Giving Tuesday is the incredible day for people to financially partner with non-profits like CCBR and The Pro-Life Guy's Podcast in support of the incredible work done year round to change minds, save lives and transform our culture. In today's episode, host Cam is joined by Loretta Slomp, Fundraising Coordinator for CCBR, to talk all about this year's Giving Tuesday campaign and how you can be a part of it! Join us today by donating at Check out all of CCBR's social accounts for updates at:

  • 157: Little Spark of Life | ft. author Courtney Siebring

    157: Little Spark of Life | ft. author Courtney Siebring

    Little Spark of Life is a newly published children's book written by Courtney Siebring which sheds light for young children on the beautiful journey of pre-natal development while also sharing the profound message of our identity as image bearers.In today's episode, host Cam is joined by Courtney Siebring, author of the newly released children's book "Little Spark of Life", to talk all things children's literature, including her writing process, illustrations, and the early response to this beautiful pro-life resource for families and children.To find out more about the book, go to: find out more about Courtney and her work, go to: enter the draw for a copy of the book sign up for the PLG podcast newsletter at: www.prolifeguys.comSubscribe to the PLG podcast YouTube channel at:

  • 156: We're Going Back to Florida!!! | ft. Vanessa Otten

    156: We're Going Back to Florida!!! | ft. Vanessa Otten

    Florida AAP is finally back folks, and we want you to be a part of it!For years CCBR has led pro-life mission trips to Florida in February, and while we haven't been able to for the last few years, we're excited to announce that we're going back in February of 2024! Through this mission trip, we (and you, if you're able to join us!) will reach thousands of post-secondary students with the truth about abortion, while engaging in hundreds of heart changing and life saving conversations about abortion. This is without a doubt one of if not the best way to build your skills in having effective pro-life conversations, and in this episode host Cam chats with his colleague Vanessa Otten, one of the key organizers and recruiters for this mission trip, about why someone like you should apply.To be a part of this life changing experience (and to meet Cam...) apply at sure to subscribe to the PLG podcast's YouTube Channel at: Cam with ideas, questions, or comments at

  • 155: Biking for Babies | ft. Nikki Biese

    155: Biking for Babies | ft. Nikki Biese

    Biking for Babies is a national nonprofit that proclaims the dignity of every human life by uniting cycling with the formation of young adults into missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. They facilitate an encounter between our young adult missionaries and the Gospel of Life which equips them with the knowledge of their foundational identity as God’s beloved. As they experience the joy of this Gospel, their missionaries are called to a radical gift of self in support of pregnant mothers in unplanned, difficult and at-risk pregnancies. Their missionaries are renewing the culture of life by first undergoing conversion of heart and then bringing the love of Christ to the world. These rider and support crew missionaries share life-saving stories from pregnancy resource centers in order to raise awareness of and financial support for these centers.The adventure of Biking for Babies culminates in a six-day National Ride (July 7-14, 2024) that spans over 5,000 miles across the nation with starting points in New York, Alabama, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kansas, Minnesota, and Michigan.In their 14 years, Biking for Babies has formed over 216 young people and raised over $1.6 million for 127 pregnancy centers and maternity homes across the United States! They are looking for 100 young adult (18-39 years old) rider and support crew missionaries to join us in 2024. Applications are open until March 1, 2024.Apply at Biking for Babies Centers and Maternity In the LifeSupport CrewRiderFor more PLG podcast content go to: www.prolifeguys.comTo get some sweet ETK swag, go to: you have questions, suggestions, comments, or anything else you want to send Cam's way, email him at