Cary Pierce - Manager Agency Services at Rakuten Advertising talks about Affiliate Marketing

Published: Jan 21 2021

Today on our podcast, we have Cary Pierce, Manager of Agency Services at Rakuten Adverising. Cary brings a unique perspective to our conversations as he has worked at almost every different type of player in the affiliate game. From agency to network and everything in between.

Our conversation spans reactions to covid, changes in the industry this year to how to plan for Q1 when we know very little will be the same compared to Q1 last year.

Cary also gives some great advice for new publishers and advertisers that have come to the affiliate channel since the pandemic started:


  • Get as much info as you can

  • Have conversations - everyone is very helpful in this space and when you win everyone wins

  • Have as many conversations as you can

  • Reach out to your advertisers and work together to optimize your efforts

  • Know your audience

  • Share that knowledge with your advertisers


  • It’s really just one thing. You need a good and competent captain at the helm of your affiliate program. You can’t set it and forget it.

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