SochCast Ep 12 - Building AI Products feat. Zaki Shaheen

SochCast by Product Soch by Abdul Ghaffar

Episode notes

In this week’s episode of SochCast, Abdul Ghaffar sits down with Zaki Shaheen, Engineer at Tome - to unpack the great insights on building AI products and its impact on our future.

Throughout the episode, Zaki shares his insights and expertise on how to create AI products, how openAI fundamental models can be modified, and how jobs will evolve around AI.

Whether you are a seasoned Product Manager or just starting out in the AI field, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you succeed. Tune in to hear Zaki in a thoughtful and engaging conversation about all things building AI Products.

About the Speaker

Zaki Shaheen is a seasoned software engineer working at a Silicon Valley startup called Tome - an AI tool that transforms documents into presentations. After graduating from FAST in ... 

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