Dailyish Fit Tips

by Molly Falkenstein

Hey queens (and kings). I'm here to hype you up. Wanna get lean? I got you. Wanna bulk up? I got you. Just getting into the wellness space? I'm 100% your b*tch. Follow me for a nice change of pace from your average fitness influencer. I'm here with facts, not fads. I'm here for sustainable, forget short-term. Whatever you want to do with it, this is YOUR time.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Is Celsius Really That Bad?

    Is Celsius Really That Bad?

    It seems like Celsius has blown up in the past year or two. As most people I know, the fitness space, and even I find myself getting more dependent on caffeine and energy drinks like Celsius, it's time to figure out if it's gonna kill us. It's too new to say if there are long term effects, but lets look at the current research and start somewhere.

  • The Worst Fitness Quotes On The Internet

    The Worst Fitness Quotes On The Internet

    When you're finally ready to commit to the healthy life you deserve, there is nothing more fun and motivating than picking a few quotes on the internet to post on your wall or use as your phone lock screen. But among the most motivating and healthy quotes, there are some articles of garbage floating around the fitness quote space waiting for beginners to latch on and ruin their relationship with food and exercise. <3

  • The 4 Things You Need To Be Healthy

    The 4 Things You Need To Be Healthy

    Being advised to implement a bible of rules to be healthy? Not only must you wake up at 4am for fasted cardio before a cold shower followed red light sauna therapy, you must wash down a cocktail of supplements with green juice and lemon water while reading a book and doing yoga. Sorry, but fug that. If you are a busy, flawed human like me, just focus on these 4 things to be healthy, and you will be FINE, babe.

  • "Healthy Habits" (That are DEMOLISHING your goals)

    "Healthy Habits" (That are DEMOLISHING your goals)

    Whether you are putting your body into fight or flight or giving up your social life, I'm here to clear the air and steer you in the right direction. Update... the interview did not go well but we learned from it :)

  • Reducing Inflammation

    Reducing Inflammation

    This is by no means an exhaustive list of how to deal with inflammation. But if you're sick of resorting to over the counter NSAIDs and constant blood tests, I can help you at least get a start on treating your inflammation. Good luck and hit me up with questions and testimonials on instagram @dailyish_fit4u.