David & Ka Chun (KC) - Shepparton

Pridefinder: The Rainbow Road Trip Podcast by Victoria's Pride - Midsumma Festival

Episode notes

David (he/him) and Ka Chun/KC (he/him) are a gay couple who have been living in Shepparton, but are currently planning to move due to feeling unsafe in the community.

In this episode, David and KC detail a horrific incident in which they were the subject of an unprovoked hate crime as they were preparing for a small family gathering. KC is a doctor and also outlines some of the ways that he has been discriminated against due to his race and sexuality. However, he is very passionate about serving community in rural healthcare, so the pair now face a difficult decision. David and KC were incredibly brave to share this story with us and we hope their vulnerability highlights some of the changes communities can and need to make to be more inclusive.

Trigger Warnings: Homophobia, assault, racism, hate crime

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