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Episode notes

The Press Gawdz are back with another episode where they jump into the spicy bag and is looking to the female community for what they think about a few of these topics. But first its only right that the pod starts with congratulating our new VP of the US Kamala Harris and can't leave Joe Biden out (00:04:00). I don't know how we got in the DMs but since we here ladies if you answering us here are you feeling us or you rather be a close friend vibe (00:14:15). Next how is it going down if you find out your partner cheated around the time of their birthday (00:34:00:00). Our favorite segment at the middle of the Pod Want it, Flip it, Leave it (00:42:00). Can we clear up this talking and dating situation because we're asking for the world (00:56:52). Fellas/Ladies how far have you traveled to get some play and was it even worth it at that point (01: ... 

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