powherfull inc startup stories

by Mia Frankl

This podcast represents the behind the scenes of starting a business, who you have to be, what actions drive the best results, the lessons learned and the internal growth of truly creating a business that serves you, that aligns with your purpose and acts as the playground for your soul.

It's being in the thick of it now, and how we change and show up to actually match the desires of our heart. Here you will find a no  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Laura Cross, TV host at Mindful Mondays with Laura Cross & Founder/Owner at Founder Of White Sands Self-Care LLC

    Laura Cross, TV host at Mindful Mondays with Laura Cross & Founder/Owner at Founder Of White Sands Self-Care LLC

    Laura is a mover and a shaker but she does so with peacefulness, intention and clarity. She actually gave me a different headshot to use, but this one, with the dolphin, just pulls me in to her energy. A total badass woman who has had more than her share of hardship, and is now fully growing into a higher version of herself and serving it forward to others. Laura Cross is an Air Force Veteran and the dynamic owner of White Sands Premier Travel. With unwavering dedication to promoting self-care and personal growth, she founded White Sands Self-Care and serves as the dedicated host of the popular TV show "Mindful Mondays with Laura Cross." Laura's dedication lies in creating vibrant self-care communities that offer invaluable education, resources, connections, and opportunities for collaboration. At the helm of the White Sands Self-care Community group on Facebook, she empowers individuals to lead their best lives. Laura's journey from a veteran and blue-collar worker to a successful entrepreneur equips her with a unique understanding of the challenges faced by solopreneurs. Her role as a self-care leader for this community allows her to empathize with their struggles, particularly in the realm of self-care. Laura is on a mission to inspire and support others in achieving holistic well-being, ensuring they thrive in both their personal and professional lives. She has a beautiful heart and has lived the transformation many of us seek, cozy on up and enjoy this beautiful conversation!! Website: https://www.whitesandsselfcare.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/lauracrosswhitesands Facebook: https://Facebook.com/Lauracrosswhitesands Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/lauracrosswhitesands Twitter: https://twitter.com/whitesandstrvl Youtube: https://Youtube.com/@MindfulMondayswithLauraCross Other: https://Facebook.com/MindfulMondayswithLauraCrossTVShow https://www.facebook.com/groups/425602348768940 https://Youtube.com/@whitesandsselfcare

  • Virginia Muzquiz, CEO of Master Connectors®

    Virginia Muzquiz, CEO of Master Connectors®

    Virginia is a dynamo, we clicked right away and in this episode Virginia from shares her extensive business building portfolio to serve you in what to do, how and why when you are getting started. As the Referral Diva®, Virginia Muzquiz is passionate about empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and fund their dreams. She is the founder and CEO of Master Connectors, a company that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners generate consistent cash flow by filling their sales funnels with high quality referrals. Using her proprietary Referrals on Demand® process, clients that work with Virginia consistently earn a six-figure income... and have the time freedom to enjoy it! A key takeaway for me from this conversation is to SERVE. Create your favorite offer and get people in it. Make a deal, offer as a hot sale, beta test - just make it come alive and ask those who take it to give your feedback and testimonials. Your offer starts to take on its own life once it goes through someone else. Don't worry about audience building, web design, fonts, bundles etc. Just get your prototype into motion, see how it does and then leverage those first few people into more. You will love Virginia, join us for this very tangible "how to" episode and then go follow her - she will absorb you into her network vortex and you will both benefit from it!!! FOLLOW: https://www.linkedin.com/in/virginiamuzquiz/ FREEBIE: www.masterconnectors.com/blueprint

  • Sandra Possing, CEO of Sandra Possing Coaching

    Sandra Possing, CEO of Sandra Possing Coaching

    Sandra has been coaching online for over 10 years; she grew as a result of her own yearning to be more... more her, more true, more expressed. It's a story so many of us feel and wonder if it will ever come true. Well, Sandra will tell you it will IF YOU BELIEVE IT AND ALIGN YOUR ACTIONS TO CREATING IT. I love the softness of her femininity combined with the toughness of her "wild woman" which cuts right into you, confronting and spot on. I am also excited to meet now, well into her first pregnancy, and see how she further evolves with the adventure of motherhood (as I find it is very transformative with or without self development work!). The juiciness of this episode is really in how very possible it is for you, and me, and her and her and her, to release who we were (are) trying to be, and just get on with the business of being who we really are. I love releasing the external forcing to allow the internal flowing to come through. So tune in, turn up an dlet's goooo!!! OX And go find and follow the lovely Sandra at: Website https://sandrapossing.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/sandrapossing FB: https://www.facebook.com/sandrapossing FB 2: https://www.facebook.com/sandrapossinglifecoach/ LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandrapossing Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandrapossing Podcast: https://www.ohhiself.com (Oh, Hi Self)

  • Karen DeLoach, CEO of Karen DeLoach Art

    Karen DeLoach, CEO of Karen DeLoach Art

    Karen DeLoach and I had a great time talking about God, healing and creative outlets for personal transformation. Which in effect, has been her very journey from Ministry to online entrepreneur. Karen is an award-winning artist/art teacher, author, minister, wife, mother, grandmother and speaker/coach. She has a BFA in painting/ drawing and an MA in Studio Art. She has written three art books: How to Draw, How to Paint and Art History & Appreciation, which are used in her college and online classes. By using art, Karen has released her God given gifts for her own well being and as a modality of pure expression and healing for others. Through art she helps people get to know themselves, express their emotions, release the past and create something beautiful to behold. She "started off" as an artist, art teacher, and homeschooling mom. She discussed her passion for helping people, especially creatives, discover and express their God-given creativity. She has had to pivot and grow in who she is, in order to serve her gifts. A relatable journey as always. The balance comes from bridging and balancing the left-brain and right-brain abilities, whether in business, art, or personal growth. We emphasized the importance of embracing both the analytical and creative aspects of oneself, and how this integration can lead to greater fulfillment, impact, and innovation. Go hang out with Karen at: www.getcreativewithkaren.com karendeloachart@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/karen-deloach-b212bb1a https://www.facebook.com/karendeloachart https://www.instagram.com/karenedeloach/ And get her FREEBIE here: www.getcreativewithkaren.com 3-part Pop Up Podcast : Art as Self-Therapy: Wellness Through Creativity

  • An Ly-Tampere, CEO of An Ly-Tampere

    An Ly-Tampere, CEO of An Ly-Tampere

    A Coach for Book Coaches! With all the new opportunities for authors, the demand for expert coaching is high. But running a coaching business can be challenging. An provides strategies that allow book coaches to streamline operations and maximise their time. This empowers them to focus on mentoring authors through the publishing process effectively. We are seeing books pop up like dandelions these days right? (I sure am - and its great! Creates such a solid platform and means of service for you!). but there is a difference between a GREAT book launch and a not so great one (I have seen both go down!). An is here for the one who is there for you, behind the book! Her business was 10 years in the making. She isn't one of these "overnight successes" but she has found her niche and passion and been able to create sustainable revenue while enjoying her life, in fact putting life first. She currently lives in Singapore, and children do not start school until age 7! So her business is built around raising her son, enjoying all that Singapore has to offer and leveraging her existing skills. ITS NOT ALL ABOUT DOLLAR BILLS yo! I LOVE THIS EPISODE so much because its so normal!!!! No flashy marketing, just an honest real woman who built something that works for her and what she wants out of life. In the coaching industry! You guys anything is possible, use discernment to build what you want, not what you are being sold xoxo Enjoy this episode and our heartfelt connection, we want you to know your way is the way!!! Find An at: https://www.anlytampere.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/anlytampere/ Freebie: https://anlytampere.podia.com/strategic-goal-setting