powherfull inc startup stories

by Mia Frankl

This podcast represents the behind the scenes of starting a business, who you have to be, what actions drive the best results, the lessons learned and the internal growth of truly creating a business that serves you, that aligns with your purpose and acts as the playground for your soul.

It's being in the thick of it now, and how we change and show up to actually match the desires of our heart. Here you will find a no  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Sharon Macey, CEO of Mom to More

    Sharon Macey, CEO of Mom to More

    Sharon and I hit it off in EMAIL prior to our first face to face (virtual). This is how alive she is - you can feel her passion, her playfulness and her eagerness to get chomping on this new business with ZEST and OPENESS. Sharon is actually designing a speaker's platform for herself, so she will be delivering her message to groups of women in person and online, to inspire, motivate and SHOW THEM just how much they gained in their years as a stay at home mom, and help hold them through the space of figuring out what they want to do when their kids grow up! (Isn't that a clever spin on the old "what you do want to do? tagline!). I see this as filling the gap we often see in retirees - NOW WHAT. Fear, uncertainty and staying in the familiar. Well, one dose of Sharon will fire you up and she will support you through the skills you've mastered, the options to choose from; be it re-enter the workforce, start volunteering, choose a new hobby or start a business to name a few. Because your story, is also her story. After staying home with her three kids for 20 years, Sharon quite unexpectedly discovered the transformative power of motherhood. She realized she had developed a wealth of skills and knowledge that equipped her for a range of pursuits beyond the home, helping her establish her next act. Now, as her kids have grown and flown, she’s on a mission to empower moms to recognize their potential and chart new paths in life.  She did it herself- going back to school to bring her marketing skillset into the 21st century and started competing in Latin Ballroom dance. Sharon has had a blast reinventing herself and is loving hosting the Mom To MORE™ podcast, creating the Mom To MORE™ Guide and writing content for various clients. Her free gift to you is her Mom To MORE™ Guide mini-book. 15 skills and talents you don't realize you have. https://mailchi.mp/0de1efbb94e6/mom-to-more-guide Get in her space, be seen and reminded of just how much of you there is to share with the world! www.instagram.com/momtomore/ www.tiktok.com/@momtomore?lang=en momtomore.com (launching soon!)Mom To More™ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@momtomore FB: www.facebook.com/momtomore

  • Emily Taradash, CEO of Emily Taradash Coaching

    Emily Taradash, CEO of Emily Taradash Coaching

    Ladies & Ladies (& Gentlemen!!) introducing the one, the only, the Emily Taradash! A retired theater producer, a standup comic, a relationship coach and a recovered hustle woman. All of these incredible skills, talents, humour and heart blended into a dynamo of a woman whom I met for a virtual coffee while she sat outside in a parka and completely dropped in with me. Instant chemistry and laughter, in this episode we explore the lessons under the experiences of life. Where to recognize time for growth AND how to choose starting that new path. Emily shares wisdom, humour and deep experiences that she overcame to become the woman she now references as "Your Married Wingwoman in Love, Community and Comedy" She truly embodies these elements and has evolved with her business, allowing space to explore what works for her and her clients (She started as a burnout coach!). Emily is genuine, kind, insightful and I just want to hang out with her more! PS She is currently moving to Kansas which ups the fun factor for me, what about you? Kansas! Can't wait to see how she expands in all that nature and wonder! Use her "all in one link" to get on her list or book your free "first date" with Emily! https://linktr.ee/emilytaradashcoaching

  • Anne Storino, Grief Recovery Method Specialist

    Anne Storino, Grief Recovery Method Specialist

    Anne experienced the greatest loss of her life which is now the greatest gift to her, her family and those who want to heal and absorb some of their grief. In the retirement stage of life, the business is free to just be of service and this relationship also brings a more pure approach and ability for impact. So as you listen, consider how it would feel to have that genuine purpose of service, detached from outcome, as this is a powerful way to build your business (what I like to call "heartset"). Anne is doing well, clients find her organically but she isn't solely offering her service though the business. The service, grief counselling and its connection to disarray, is about helping people carry loss with them. And this is something she wants to have widely available because she needs it for her own grief process and to honour her son, whom she lost. How would you run your business if you were doing for the pure pleasure and desire to connect with someone and serve them? What would you be able to let go of? All this attachment weighs us down and detracts from the honest, behind the scenes "thing" we wish to create - the impact, the transformation, the support, for someone else. As you listen to this episode lean in to these themes and consider how you can let go in order to receive.... OXOX ps - I love Anne's heart, she is a genuine and caring woman who can relate and hold the space for others as a true gift, as a true bi-product of her experience and transformation. Her service is the result of her growth and her true heart revealed. Go find her at: https://www.annestorino.com/ https://www.griefrecoverymethod.com/grms/anne-storino https://www.linkedin.com/in/anne-storino-coaching/

  • Shaina Quick, Girl Power Alliance Ambassador

    Shaina Quick, Girl Power Alliance Ambassador

    Shaina has God sized dreams all right, or more like He has God Sized Dreams for her! And what's beautiful about this reversal is that she knows her work is not on her shoulders, her worth or her self belief. Her gifts are as an Administrator & Encourager. Her heart is so big matched with a mind for strategy and organization. Opening to God's plans for her life is not always easy, but it is always possible and carrying that sense of peace has increased, improved and proved clarity for her purpose and service to others. We talk about creating ourselves in order to show up and serve. We both have young children, demands in life and a strong desire to be part of something bigger. One such tool that Shaina introduced me to is the Sacred 60 Challenge (links below). What has been so integral for both of us in using this challenge is the accountability and data on how much we show up as HER. Having some sort of tool could be the right technique for you to see and appreciate what actions you are taking and motivate you to keep going. It certainly has helped me understand what flows easily (business, journalling, reading) to what I resist (exercise, prayer, learning). One of the take away's here being - find something to help you stay committed and tap into the supernatural power available all around you to make the journey a little easier - or rather, possible. Find Shaina at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaina-quick/ https://www.facebook.com/shaina.quick5 Sacred 60: https://www.sacred60challenge.com/faithandendurance 24 hour Sneak peek at GPA: https://girlpoweralliance.com/faithandendurance?sneak-peek

  • Heather Doran, Money Coach & Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner

    Heather Doran, Money Coach & Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner

    I've known Heather (online) for a few years now, always loved her down to earth playfulness. When she posted about diversifying revenue streams, including in real estate (rentals!) I invited her for a conversation. It is so important to normalize and demonstrate the many ways people "survive" in the online space - as a coach, service provider, entrepreneur. This isn't an all or nothing game, its more like an everything game! Play as much as you can and don't put all your eggs in one basket. Often, our money patterns come from a long time ago imprinting. We may even have lost the connection to that event, which can make the rewiring daunting, on our own. Heather coaches her clients to uncover the "why" beneath surface problems of money habits and belief patterns. Awareness of deeper drivers is key to empowered change and results. Fronting as a CFO, she found an opening to deeper healing work through money. She now helps her clients heal relationships with money and reduce anxiety through inner child work, restoring a sense of safety and self-acceptance. This is a beautiful conversation with insight and advice on your relationship with your money and how to shift out of the status quo and into clarity and momentum!! Go find Heather at: https://www.heatherdoran.biz/links/ And all reviews of the show are appreciated to help us share our message!