"The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree" by Shokoofeh Azar Paired with Maysara 3 Degrees Pinot Noir

Pouring Over Pages by Maritza Lacayo and Alexa Ferra

Episode notes

In this episode (recorded on December 8, 2022), we are reading “The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree” by Shokoofeh Azar and discussing the protests and the revolution taking place in Iran. We have always wanted this podcast to speak to issues that are important to us and we believe wholeheartedly that until ALL WOMEN ARE FREE, NONE OF US ARE FREE. ✨Woman. Life. Freedom.✨

This book is a beautiful story infused with magical realism and historical fiction. Touching on Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the mass executions of 1988, this book jumps between important and harrowing moments in Iran’s contemporary history, illustrating just how difficult it can be for each and every family ... 

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