Rufus Wright & Jacob Van Der Stam - Crypto Caverns

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

Rufus and Jacob, CEO & CTO of Crypto Caverns, join Phaedrus in the studio to talk about Crypto Caverns. We get a chance to explore their deeply aligned values and their partnership with Klima Infinity. Listen for a chance to hear the issues surrounding crypto energy's consumption, how mining could be the missing piece to help transition towards 'greener' energy sources and the future of Proof of Work.

What they touch on:

(1:38) Rufus’ background

(4:56) Jacob’ background

(6:15) What is Crypto Caverns?

(9:05) KlimaDAO x Crypto Caverns

(10:00) Funding Green Energy Projects

(11:19) Crypto’s energy usage

(18:10) KlimaDAO x Crypto Caverns

(21:17) The MERGE

(25:22) The Future of PoW

(27:00) What’s next for Crypto Caverns

(30:01) Key takeaways

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