Andy Szybalski - Co-Founder of Degen Blues

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

Andy is a creator working in diverse mediums including painting, cartography, Solidity, and Javascript. As a product designer, he co-founded Google Street View and Uber Eats. As an artist, he created Zoom Backgrounds for Biden. He joins us to discuss how a data-driven musical NFT collection can spark the next wave of art! They went on to discuss the unique challenges associated with building a data-led collection and how dynamic art is the future of NFTs.

What they touch on:

(1:45) Andy’s background

(3:14) Degen Blues

(4:52) Making each tune unique

(6:44) Dynamic NFT’s

(9:43) Owning ETH price history

(13:29) Andy’s musical background

(15:18) Creating data-led art

(18:14) Degen Blues x Klima Infinity

(21:10) Andy and Degen Blues in 2033

(24:53) Closing thoughts

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