Port N Stuff

by Thomas McClain

Steven Gama, Big Tom McClain, and Tommy McClain sit down every week and talk about Big Boats, Port Hueneme, and the importance of keeping our coastal areas clean. Each week they discuss a different boat as a part of the fun.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 8: SS Borinquen

    Episode 8: SS Borinquen

    Today the fellas talk about the SS Borinquen also known as La Janelle, La Jenelle, Bahama Star, Arosa Star, etc. She was the ship with many names and the ship with many stories.

  • Episode Seven: SS Morro Castle

    Episode Seven: SS Morro Castle

    The Morro Castle had a lot in common with the Yarmouth Castle. Banana Festival is coming and so is the Seaside Collectors Expo in Ventura

  • Episode Six: RMS Olympic

    Episode Six: RMS Olympic

    Today the guys talk about The RMS Olympic along with more cool La Jenelle History, mysteries of the sea and more!

  • Episode Five - RMS Britannic

    Episode Five - RMS Britannic

    On today's Port N Stuff, we sit down in the beautiful town of Port Hueneme and talk about keeping our waterways clean, and take the deep dive into the Britannic

  • Episode Four: RMS Carpathia

    Episode Four: RMS Carpathia

    The RMS Carpathia rescued over 700 Survivors from the Titanic tragedyWe also discuss Big Tanks and Big Logistics that make our ports so efficient.Clean-up is important, and so is not littering in the first place.