Politics and PsycheExplicit

by Shakira Mills

Welcome to Politics and Psyche, a series of meaningful conversations about how we can use the study of the mind to develop peaceful and impactful solutions to America's most pressing social and political issues. Every month, join Bridge Alliance Deputy Chief of Staff, Shakira Mills, Org Development Consultant Linda Ellinor and Psychotherapist Katy Byrne for a journey to discover the root of our conflicts and how to truly heal f ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Politics of Trauma

    The Politics of Trauma

    Join Shay, Linda and Katy in a conversation about trauma and how we as a society can heal those traumas to create a better America both politically and socially.

  • The Politics of Our Psyche

    The Politics of Our Psyche

    Welcome to Politics and Psyche! Let's discuss why psychology is important to solving our country's most pressing issues and what you can expect from us this season!