Policy Pathways

by International Water Management Institute

Confronting sustainable development challenges requires system transformation in Food, Land, and Water! Policy Pathways invites policymakers and sustainable development stakeholders to share their expertise on the policy solutions that can advance system transformation across the globe.

CGIAR Research Initiative on National Policies and Strategies has produced a series of policy coherence reports focused on India, Colo ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • What's next for Policy Pathways?

    What's next for Policy Pathways?

    In this final episode of Policy Pathways, Executive Producer Alan Nicol returns to the podcast to answer the question; what we have learned about policy coherence across the globe, and what's next? With help from Alliance-CIAT Senior Scientist Augusto Castro-Nuñez and IWMI Director of Water, Growth and Inclusion, Inga Jacobs-Mata, episode eight explores the key issues and solutions posed across the series. Listen now!

  • Egypt's Policy Pathways

    Egypt's Policy Pathways

    Join us in Egypt for the final stop on the Policy Pathways world tour! This week, we delve into the food, land, and water challenges confronting Egypt as the country grapples with the necessity for enhanced resource quality amidst rapid population growth.

  • Lao's Policy Pathways

    Lao's Policy Pathways

    This week we are in the mountainous nation of Laos talking to the countries policy coherence experts about advancing food, land, and water system development.

  • Nigeria's Policy Pathways

    Nigeria's Policy Pathways

    Join us in Nigeria for Policy Pathways Episode 5! The episode features insight on Nigerian policy coherence from the Director of Agricultural Economics at the University of Port Harcourt, Anthony Onoja, IWMI Senior Researcher Charity Osei-Amponsah, and Minister for Climate Management Michael Adegboye.

  • Colombia's Policy Pathways

    Colombia's Policy Pathways

    Join us in Colombia for Episode 4 of Policy Pathways! We are delighted to welcome back Augusto Castro Nuñez, Lead author for Colombia's NPS Policy Coherence report and Senior Scientist at Alliance-CIAT. Castro Nuñez is joined by Miguel Peña Varón, Senior Researcher at the CINARA Institute of Universidad del Valle. Our fantastic guests offer their expertise and insight on Colombia's sustainable development policy. Discover how Colombian policymakers can integrate peacebuilding and conservation solutions to help secure a sustainable future for the nation's rich food, land, and water systems.