Pod Sup

by Steven Leever

This is a podcast telling the stories of the students and teachers of Octorara Area School District. Octorara has an amazing story to tell and this podcast seeks to tell it.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Wonderful World of Welding

    The Wonderful World of Welding

    George and Owen, Octorara graduates, talk about the amazing opportunities they have had in the welding program at Octorara. They will both enter the workforce immediately following graduation, but their schooling and education is far from over.

  • Dan's Ideas for Octorara

    Dan's Ideas for Octorara

    Dan is a graduating senior at Octorara and he is full of ideas for what we can do to give our students a great experience while in our schools. Along the way, he shares some deep learning that he went through while a student in our schools. Join us for a brainstorming and reflection session.

  • Physics Fight Club

    Physics Fight Club

    In this episode, three physics students share their upcoming international physics competition as well as their time learning at Octorara School District.