Woman Has to Leave Smelly Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament! Controversial MTG Mascot! $70 Games are Over?

The Pod of Greed by Paul McGee and Alec Fields

Episode notes

This podcast focuses on Yu-Gi-Oh news and card games in general. Paul and Alec discuss the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh product Legacy of Destruction, revealing some of the cards included. They mention a recent influx of Yu-Gi-Oh news, including leaks, reveals, and even some negative news about a woman's bad tournament experience. The conversation broadens to include the new Magic the Gathering mascot and the divided opinions surrounding it. We're then asked about our pick for a card game, new or existing, that they hope gains popularity, and they respond with Digimon and Grand Archive. The video concludes with a discussion on why Konami might be hesitant to bring Rush Duel to Western audiences.