PiZetta Media: Podcast with a Cause

by Michael VanZetta

PiZetta Media CEO Michael VanZetta talks with people on the frontlines, nonprofit leaders, and mental health stories. Hear what amazing people are doing in communities nationwide.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Shawn Rivers

    Shawn Rivers

    Meet health and nutrition coach Shawn Rivers

  • Michael Ayala White

    Michael Ayala White

    Michael Ayala White is a trauma informed certified coach

  • Jocelyn Bates

    Jocelyn Bates

    Jocelyn Bates is a Cultivator of Curiosity & Creativity in the Human Experiment, Soul Art Guide, Akashic Records Guide, Human Design Coach, Yoga Nidra Guide and EFT Practitioner.

  • The Happier Hustle

    The Happier Hustle

    Casey Kang Head is a 3-time cancer survivor and the Founder of the The Happier Hustle

  • Karl Elliott

    Karl Elliott

    Karl Elliott is a life coach at Alcohol Free Coach. Elliott talks about his own battle with alcohol.