Prevention Nation

by Prevention Nation

Welcome to Prevention Nation! A podcast dedicated to prevention education covering all forms of violence. Join the conversation to help change cultural norms around tolerance of violence and raise up a generation of nonviolence.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 6

  • Summer 2024 Mental Health Check-In

    Summer 2024 Mental Health Check-In

    Caitlyn and Roy remind their listeners to take care of themselves and each other.

  • Man or Bear

    Man or Bear

    Caitlyn and Roy talk about the trending question about which is more safe, a bear or a man, and they attempt to shed some light on why this question has caught the attention of so many.

  • Quiet On Set Part 2


    Quiet On Set Part 2


    Roy and Caitlyn finish their conversation about the culture of violence perpetrated against children in the movie and television industries.

  • Quiet On Set Part 1


    Quiet On Set Part 1


    Caitlyn and Roy discuss the recent docuseries about the set of Nickelodeon and the culture of abuse and secrecy fostered there resulting in many forms of abuse towards children.

  • Mental Health Check-in

    Mental Health Check-in

    Roy and Caitlyn discuss the state of our mental health and how it's showing up in our individual and shared spaces. They stress the importance of awareness and in seeking help if you are struggling.