You need to take action to get there | Anthony L. Fernandez

Platicando con Jacque Podcast by Jacqueline Sarabia

Episode notes

In this episode I spoke with the Latino actor Anthony L. Fernandez. He shares with us what his first years of life were like. Anthony left home at the age of 15 and acquired street skills to survive.

At the age of 21 he moved to Los Angeles and during the day he worked at a U Haul and at night he was Bouncing at Clubs; He and his best friend created a music studio in his apartment, but things changed when a baby came into his life. After a few years as a family man, he returned to college and it was then that he discovered his passion for acting. Determined to live from his dreams and with the support of his family, he began as a background actor until working in productions such as: Shameless, Truth Be Told, NCIS among many others.

If you are a persistent person who has gone through critical moments in your life, but y ... 

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