Pit a PadExplicit

by Christina Vega-Alemany and Alexis Runyons

Long-distance friends Alexis and Christina sharing their lives, cultures, and interests once a week! Welcome to our Little Pad! Twitter- https://twitter.com/pitapad YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCseR4WBLaQJSq3MQw5rXaNg 

Podcast episodes

  • E26 - How Big?

    E26 - How Big?

    Happy Lunar New Year!

  • E25 - Welcome Back! A Long Summer

    E25 - Welcome Back! A Long Summer

    Pit a Pad podcast is back after a long summer! Christina was living in France while Alexis was busy moving into a new house.

  • E24 - Rolling DICE

    E24 - Rolling DICE

    (Late upload!) Alexis and Christina discuss SHINee ONEW's album, 'DICE'!

  • E23 - 4 Town and Albums

    E23 - 4 Town and Albums

    Christina watched Turning Red! Now her and Alexis need merch.

  • E22 - Turning Red

    E22 - Turning Red

    Alexis and Christina talk about High School Musical and Pixar's new movie: Turning Red!