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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Best of 1.29.22

    Best of 1.29.22

    FBI agent/polygraph expert Jay Cherry on lie detecting; Doctor Paul inside the covid hospital; Smiley’s busted cannabis tour; Aaron’s favorite secret fast-food hacks. Copyright 2022 NEWRITE, Inc.

  • Season 1

  • Best of w/o 8.9.21

    Best of w/o 8.9.21

    Law professor Eldon Ham; Aaron Mittons & Garry Lee Wright on public opinion; Field of Dreams preview, Ric's Barber Shop, Dyersville, IA; Carolina Mike from the South. Copyright 2021 NEWRITE, Inc.

  • Best of Week 7.19.21

    Best of Week 7.19.21

    Restaurateurs Loren & Thomas Masse(1:17), Dr. Paul on vaccines(19:09) , Attorney Carla Ham(40:01), Congrats to our fellow booth announcer MJ (53:53) Produced by Natasha Rodriguez. © 2021 NEWRITE, Inc.

  • Best Of w/o 7.5.21

    Best Of w/o 7.5.21

    Art Therapist Stephanie Clark (1:24); Realtor Andy Gersten (15:00), The Beauty of Elephants w/ Todd Montgomery (28:00) Produced by Natasha Rodriguez. © 2021 NEWRITE, Inc.

  • Best Of w/o 6.14.21

    Best Of w/o 6.14.21

    Aaron on news (2:00); Magician Ken Scott (14:08); Puppeteer Steve Abrams (31:15); Sports cheats w/ Chicago Al (39:00); Royal rules (48:54); Smiley with a Happy Father's Day! Produced by Natasha Rodriguez. © 2021 NEWRITE, Inc.