Pictures and Words

by Fall Line Press, Inc

Pictures and Words is a series of conversations with artists, photographers, publishers, gallerists and curators hosted by Fall Line Press.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E02 - Haley Morris-Cafiero

    S01 E02 - Haley Morris-Cafiero

    In this episode of Pictures and Words, Fall Line's publisher, Bill Boling, talks with artist Haley Morris-Cafiero about how she got into the medium of photography, the social phenomenon of cyber bullying and how it’s inspired her ...

  • S01 E01 - Paul Shambroom

    S01 E01 - Paul Shambroom

    Fall Line's publisher, Bill Boling, talks with photographer Paul Shambroom about what it's like being a photographer, Shambroom's projects over the years, and upcoming photo book "Past Time."