The Denver Nuggets are all business, but can they keep it up during Spring Break in Miami?

The Denver Stiffs Show by Zach Mikash

Episode notes

Denver Nuggets win big against Utah Jazz

  • On a scale of not at all to full rage Malone, how upset are you about the third quarter?
  • Thoughts on Jamal Murray’s game and press conference

Rotation questions

  • The Nuggets are running ten players in the rotation right now, who’s on the outs for the playoff rotation?
  • Is the defense plus whatever you get on offense approach viable in the playoffs?

Upcoming slate of games

  • Toronto Raptors just another take care of business game?
  • How tough is the Miami Heat game? Worried about Spring Break in South Beach?
  • Will Victor Wembanyama one day take the throne from Nikola? Jokic
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