The Long Game

by Penjana Kapital and CGS-CIMB

The Long Game podcast focuses on the realm of venture capital and startup investing, delving into current market trends and the most promising sectors for investment. The show provides a comprehensive examination of the startup ecosystem, offering insight into the optimal locations, trends, and sectors for startup founders to establish and expand their ventures. The podcast features prominent venture capitalists, startup fou ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Malaysia Market Outlook 2024

    Malaysia Market Outlook 2024

    In this episode, we sit down with Mr. Chehan Perera to dissect the Malaysian market outlook for 2024. Drawing from his comprehensive report, Mr. Chehan shares invaluable insights on key sectors poised for growth, potential underperformers, and strategic investment opportunities.   We delve into the lessons learned from 2023's market performance and how they shape the future. Mr. Chehan also offers expert advice for investors navigating this dynamic landscape, highlighting economic and policy factors that could influence market trends.

  • Macro Matters: Decoding Market Dynamics

    Macro Matters: Decoding Market Dynamics

    This episode dissects the recent macroeconomic developments, taking glimpse of upcoming economic and monetary releases, as well as exploring the outlook of the financial markets. We then shift our gaze to the recent Budget Announcement in Malaysia, deciphering its significance and unravelling what it means for the nation's economic trajectory, at least in the short-to-medium term.

  • Season 1

  • Greening the Grid

    Greening the Grid

    Join us on the upcoming episode of The Long Game Podcast as we explore the dynamic landscape of the Malaysian electricity market in an episode titled "Greening the Grid." We're honoured to have Pn Siti Safinah Salleh, CEO of MyPOWER, as our esteemed guest. Discover the critical issues surrounding energy security, electricity tariff rates, diversification and decarbonization, with a specific focus on the Malaysian electricity market. Pn. Safinah brings her extensive experience and expertise in engineering, business, finance, and the energy sector to the table. Don't miss this deep dive into the future of sustainable electricity markets. Save the date for October 28th, 2023, and stay tuned to The Long Game Podcast for "Greening the Grid"

  • MADANI: Prosperity or a Pipe Dream

    MADANI: Prosperity or a Pipe Dream

    In the latest episode of The Long Game Podcast titled "MADANI: Prosperity or a Pipe Dream", we have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Alan Inn, the Deputy CEO of CGS-CIMB Securities Malaysia. Together, we dive into the fascinating world of the Madani Economy Framework, the ambitious government strategy aimed at transforming Malaysia's economic landscape. Throughout this insightful journey, we ask ourselves: What does the future hold for Malaysia in the next decade? How can investors, entrepreneurs, government bodies, and individuals work together synergistically to achieve the objectives outlined in the Madani Economy Framework? These questions and more are explored eloquently in the sixth instalment of The Long Game Podcast. Come join us as we discover the possibilities that await!

  • The Venture Towards Sustainable Finance

    The Venture Towards Sustainable Finance

    In this episode, titled "The Venture Towards Sustainable Finance," we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Yasmin Rasyid, who currently serves as the Sustainability Director for Lendlease Malaysia and is co-founder of national social enterprises and non-profits such as EcoKnights and Pop tani Asia, which focuses on the implementation of sustainable initiatives in Malaysia. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Yasmin has made a significant contribution to the ESG development in Malaysia. We will explore how companies and investors can successfully incorporate sustainable changes in businesses today in the most effective manner.