Paterno Fellows Podcast

by Joshua Wretzel

The Paterno Fellows Podcast will address matters of interest to the Penn State community. Listeners will learn about the Paterno Fellows Program, hear about the research and creative work of Penn State students and faculty, get in-depth information about goings-on in and around campus, and tap into discussions about contemporary issues that affect the campus community.

Podcast episodes

  • Discussion About Social Media

    Discussion About Social Media

    Join Max, Amalia, Audrey, and Natalie on a discussion about the impact of social media on the student experience. Students address hot-button topics like the connection between social media and mental health, the presence of children on social media, and the importance of staying present in a world of distraction. Tune in for an episode with something for everyone!

  • PFP Podcasters Introductions

    PFP Podcasters Introductions

    After a brief hiatus, the Paterno Fellows Podcast is back with a familiar voice and an infusion of youth! Join longtime host Emma Suzuki and the new podcasters for a series of introductions. You can expect new content every other week right here!

  • Bradford Vivian on Campus Misinformation

    Bradford Vivian on Campus Misinformation

    Kate Howarth sits down with Bradford Vivian to discuss Campus Misinformation, his latest book.

  • Emma Suzuki Interviews the Lion Ambassadors

    Emma Suzuki Interviews the Lion Ambassadors

    Paterno Fellows Podcaster Emma Suzuki interviews members of the Lion Ambassadors to learn more about the functions of this central campus organization.

  • Emma Suzuki Discusses LGBTQ+ Life on Campus

    Emma Suzuki Discusses LGBTQ+ Life on Campus

    Recently, Emma visited the Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity on campus. She spoke with several students to hear their thoughts about LGBTQ+ life at Penn State and reflected on her own experiences as well. A must-listen for all those with an interest in gender and sexual diversity at Penn State!