Podcast episodes

  • [Topical] Ep.2 Rittenhouse//Travis Scott

    [Topical] Ep.2 Rittenhouse//Travis ScottExplicit

    Now that introductions are out of the way, Josh and myself can now discuss current topical thing happening, and In our opinion these two people are a good place to start given the last month./////Project: Maternity///// YouTube: h...

  • [Topical] EP1. Introductions.

    [Topical] EP1. Introductions.Explicit

    In this new segment of the show King Tamacross(josh) and myself will be doing monthly check-ins to talk about current affairs and share our personal opinions on the matters that come-up. so yes, there will be hot-takes. /////Proje...

  • EP26. Radio voices W/ Dustin Laurin

    EP26. Radio voices W/ Dustin LaurinExplicit

    this episode I speak with someone from my local radio and we discuss the radio industry from both the corporate side and public opinion.patreon:https://www.patreon.com/PasstimeInsta: https://www.instagram.com/passtimethinker/Proje...

  • EP.25 Nibbling the red pill W/ Jordan Power

    EP.25 Nibbling the red pill W/ Jordan PowerExplicit

    This episode I talk to Author, Sand-up comedian and host of the unmentionable Podcast Jordan Power. We discuss conspiracy theories the Trump enigma and Marginalized groups along with anecdotes of Jordan's life being a proudly out...

  • EP. 24 Self Motivation and Swear words W/ Tilly.p

    EP. 24 Self Motivation and Swear words W/ Tilly.pExplicit

    This episode I speak with Tilly.p about keeping up our creative motivation during lockdown, and our opinions on swear words.