Podcast episodes

  • EP.27 Indie films and superstition W/ Bryson Mcb

    EP.27 Indie films and superstition W/ Bryson McbExplicit

    this episode I speak with repeat guest Bryson, we talk about his experience working on indie film sets and superstitions surrounding the acting world. /////Project: Maternity/////YouTube: https://youtu.be/50yUJBrWQSQSpotify: http...

  • [Topical] Ep.4 twitch copyright // QANON prep

    [Topical] Ep.4 twitch copyright // QANON prep Explicit

    In this episode we talk about about the new trend on twitch where streamers are watching full-length episodes of heavily copyrighted television shows and the possible best-case and worse-case scenarios it could lead to. we also do...

  • [Topical] Ep.3 the "C-Word"// video games=violence?

    [Topical] Ep.3 the "C-Word"// video games=violence?Explicit

    In this episode we discuss the idea of slurs and reverse racism in our most heated debate yet. followed by our very agreed upon opinion on the notion that video games cause violence. /////Project: Maternity///// YouTube: https://...

  • [Topical] Ep.2 Rittenhouse//Travis Scott

    [Topical] Ep.2 Rittenhouse//Travis ScottExplicit

    Now that introductions are out of the way, Josh and myself can now discuss current topical thing happening, and In our opinion these two people are a good place to start given the last month./////Project: Maternity///// YouTube: h...

  • [Topical] EP1. Introductions.

    [Topical] EP1. Introductions.Explicit

    In this new segment of the show King Tamacross(josh) and myself will be doing monthly check-ins to talk about current affairs and share our personal opinions on the matters that come-up. so yes, there will be hot-takes. /////Proje...