Jax Scott - A proof of "You Are Your Own Limit"

Passion Sets Success by Kim Nguyen

Episode notes

A transition from military life to civilian life can be very challenging, tune into this episode to find out how Jax has done it, and how you can learn from her experience. Listen/watch till the end to also learn about how challenges inspire Jax to be whoever she sets her mind on: an Entrepreneur, a Militarian, a Cybersecurity Expert, and much more.


Jax Scott is the author of the Cybersecurity Career Master Plan. She is a tenured Special Operations Warrant Officer with nearly 18 years of experience working in military cyber, Electronic Warfare, and intelligence operations. She is the founder and content creator for Beans and Bytes tech blog, co-host for the cybersecurity podcast Hackerz and Haecksen, and the President of the security consulting firm called Outpost Gray.

Jax is an executive leader in Global Intelligence an ... 

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