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by Tory Cenaj

Partners in Digital Health (PDH) is a forward-reaching media and communications company, catalyzing strategic thoughts-leaders, and new era thinkers that champion the acceleration of healthcare transformation. The portfolio converges leading academics, pragmatic innovators, and practitioners around the globe to assist in the acceleration of healthcare transformation, and better outcomes for health consumers presenting evidence  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Enabling Healthcare Systems to Deliver Better Care Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital

    Enabling Healthcare Systems to Deliver Better Care Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital

    Enabling Healthcare Systems to Deliver Better Care Beyond the Four Walls of the HospitalSandeep PulimUntil recently, acute care technological innovations were centered on improvements in procedural interventions or critical care. Accelerated by the pandemic, there has been a shift and developing interest in bringing acute-level care into the home. As a result, more tech-enabled improvements are supporting decentralized care models. Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), combined with clinical necessity, are enabling healthcare systems to deliver better care beyond the four walls of the hospital.BiographySandeep Pulim, MD is a physician entrepreneur and currently medical director at Biofourmis. Dr. Pulim most recently served as the Chief Medical Officer at Bluestream Health and Chief Innovation Officer at Medici. Prior to joining the Medici team, Dr. Pulim worked to enable cognitive clinical decision-making technology at the point of care for HCPs and patients, to positively impact clinical learning and quality measures for healthcare organizations, pharma, and payers. Previously as co-founder and CMO of Health Recovery Solutions, Dr. Pulim helped empower patients to better manage their health and improve quality of life using evidence-based interventions and has also served as Senior Medical Editor at MDLinx. Dr. Pulim also helped create sustainable healthcare innovation via enabling fellows to improve the health of communities by creating innovative technology solutions that deliver transformational impact while molding the next generation of leaders at Health for America.

  • Hybrid Care - An Insiders Perspective

    Hybrid Care - An Insiders Perspective

    Hear from Microsoft, Teladoc Health, and Ravkoo Health executives about what’s currently top of mind in their respective healthcare businesses, and what they are being asked to deliver for clients and consumers.Molly K. McCarthy MBA, RN-BC is the National Director, US Health Provider and Plans for Microsoft. Her career journey spans almost 30 years in the health and technology industries. She is passionate about uniting technology, clinicians, and patients to improve care delivery, safety, and outcomes. Molly joined Microsoft in 2013 and served as the US Chief Nursing Officer until August 2020. She currently now leads a team of industry clinical and technical subject matter experts that drive digital technology innovation and transformation for health provider and payor organizations. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn and Twitter @MollyMcCarthyRNAlpesh Patel, CEO of ravkoo, immigrated to the United States and worked as a pharmacist for several years before teaming up with Manish Patel to open their own pharmacy. This pharmacy soon turned into a chain of pharmacies across several states, and from there, Alpesh branched out into the world of telehealth. Alpesh now focuses on finding solutions in telehealth and care across the USA as entrepreneur. His current endeavor is creating a curious app and patient wellness index score bringing health data and services to one health index stop for the consumer.Dr. Shayan Vyas serves as Medical Officer and SVP at Teladoc Health. He leads the Health Hospitals and Health systems (HHS) division and previously lead Clinical Operations. As part of his Clinical Operations duties, he helped managed Teladoc’s Global physician group (>5000 physicians, and well as Teladoc’s employed physician group) during the peak COVID 2019-21 years. On HHS team, he is the leading physician with clinical responsibilities in product, implementation, and execution with Teladoc health systems and hospitals. Dr.Vyas is an executive leader, practicing intensivist and telehealth physician with over 20K telehealth visits. He has more 10 Years of virtual health experience. Prior to joining Teladoc, Dr.Vyas worked with multiple digital health vendors (Electronic medical records companies, Medical Devices, SaaS, and patient engagement companies). He also started the first multi-hospital telehealth program in the US. Dr.Vyas earned his medical degree from Medical University of the Americas, completed residency at University of Florida and pediatric critical care at Miami Children’s He earned his Master’s in Business Administration in 2019 from Auburn University. He is passionate on addressing the digital divide and the social determents of health. He serves as a board member on a medical device company, a nonprofit magnet school in low income Orlando neighborhood, and a large international for-profit full service- dinning/restaurant company.

  • Expanding Telehealth and Telemedicine Access

    Expanding Telehealth and Telemedicine Access

    Dr. Innocent Clement | CEO, Ciba HealthAddressing topics such as wearable device usefulness for both practitioners and insurers, opportunities of digital health and telemedicine for the insurance industry, and how to expand services and platforms across borders.

  • Manufacturers Impact with Blockchain Technology

    Manufacturers Impact with Blockchain Technology

    Manufacturers Impact with Blockchain TechnologyCorey Greco | VP, Sales Operations, Armas PharmaceutialsBlockchain technology has surfaced in the generic pharma arena addressing challenges associated with Contract Management, GPO interactions, and Chargeback adjudication. Manufacturers are now burdened with reducing overhead costs that impact the cost of each unit to get medication to patients safely, effectively, and efficiently. Blockchain technology can be used to enhance efficiencies in how partners interact including inventory management, sales data reporting, chargeback validations and rebate accruals.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring in India

    Remote Patient Monitoring in India

    Panelists will discuss the clinical aspects of remote patient monitoring (RPM) in telehealth and clinical enhancements including technologies such as translational AI, and the benefits of RPM on acute and chronic medical conditions.Questions will includeWhat is RPM and how is it beneficial in chronic disease management?How is Telemedicine different from RPM?What is the role of AI in RPM?How has RPM taken over and changed the life of people?Have patients at large accepted the concept of RPM?Panelists includeAvneesh Khare MBBS, MD, DNB, MNAMS, PDCC, MBAPhysician turned MedTech consultant and educator, with a decade of clinical experience in anaesthesiology, critical care and pain management. Passionate about helping MedTech startups develop better solutions by understanding the nuances of healthcare, and helping health professionals get future-ready by diversifying their skill set beyond medicine and learning about artificial intelligence. Futurist who believes in ethical application of emerging technologies, especially AI, in enhancing the future of healthcare. Certified by American Board of AI in Medicine and a member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) Taskforce on AI in Healthcare.Dr. M A Maluk Mohamed, Co-founder, Executive Vice President-Research; Head, India Business, Twin Health Inc.In his role as the Vice President of Research, he leads the global trend-study department for Twin Health. He also heads the India business leading strategy, marketing, regulatory, public policy, and go-to-market for the company, and played a critical role during the launch of Twin Health in India. In his current role with Twin Health, and expertise in healthcare research, technology and insight-driven decision-making, he formulated the strategy for strengthening the business footprint across the globe. He has been part of the invention of the whole body digital twin, enabling the reversal of chronic metabolic diseases. Prior to co-founding Twin Health, he played an active role in transforming the higher education space in Tamil Nadu, India. He was the President and Chairman of the MAM Group of Institutions in India. Under his leadership, the group diversified its curriculum and started offering courses in Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, and Nursing across 10 colleges. Dr Haleema Yezdani, ModeratorGeneral physician and diabetologist. One of the future 50 clinical leaders in telehealth recognised by HIMSS, Ambassador of th open access peer reviewed journal Telehealth and Medicine Today, Karnataka India Chapter, and Ambassador Global Telehealth Exchange. She is also Director of BENFA Healthcare Program and has started a free telemedicine helpline for those in need .Dr. Yezdani is also the Director of Women Empowerment in World Peace Organization Karnataka Chapter . During COVID-19 pandemic she volunteered with various groups such as Project Stepone, ERT, Mercy Mission and others, have teletriaged and treated more than 7,000+ patients on a probono basis. She has been featured in the book “Dream Big,” as one of 20 female achievers in Karnataka and listed as one of the 100 influential Indians and is the recently elected Vice President of HIMSS India.