Lesbians and gays are going underground again | Zsófilter #s02e06

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I met Kate Harris in London to ask her about LGB Alliance, the organization she co-founded with fellow lesbian activist Bev Jackson in 2019. Previously she campaigned for Stonewall for nearly two decades, but since 2015 the globally renowned charity has been completely captured by “the T” and gender identity ideology.

In the UK today, lesbians and gays are once again going underground. Young tomboys are told they are born in the wrong body and teens are medicalized, sterilized, often for simply being gender-nonconforming homosexuals. LGB Alliance has been attacked by many LGBTQ organizations and even taken to court, simply because they prioritize same-sex attracted people.

Kate says she was never “in the closet” and she was involved with the women’s liberation movement since the ‘70s. She is one of those no-nonsense, passionate campai ... 

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