Parsha Pick-Me-Up

by Yitzchak Sprung

Take a few minutes to study the parsha with Rabbi Sprung on Thursdays from Bereshit to V'Zot Habracha. Find the Parsha Pick-Me-Up on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Ha'azinu: His Prayer is Repugnant

    Ha'azinu: His Prayer is Repugnant

    We can ruin easily ruin our prayers, say the Sages. How, why, and how to avoid this problem addressed in brief in the Parsha Pick-Me-Up.

  • Netzavim (Vayelech): Fantasy and Suffering

    Netzavim (Vayelech): Fantasy and Suffering

    And all the nations will say, Why did God act this way to this land? Why is this great anger so strong? Unkelos's translation and explanation of the verses that follow give us a powerful insight into the connection between fantasy and suffering.

  • Ki Tavo: The Farmer and "This" Place

    Ki Tavo: The Farmer and "This" Place

    The Recitation of the First Fruits (Mikra Bikkurim) reminds us of a too often forgotten principle of Judaism.

  • Ki Teze: The Curse of the Judge Hangs

    Ki Teze: The Curse of the Judge Hangs

    The penalty for cursing God and for pagan worship is death by stoning. After he is killed, the perpetrator will be hung so that others will learn not to follow his path. How long shall he be hung for? And why is it so important?

  • Shoftim: The Next Moshe?

    Shoftim: The Next Moshe?

    No one could be like Moshe; he was truly unique. Yet, he promises to have a successor who is like him. What will that similarity be?