Power to the Parents

by ParentsTogether

Welcome to Power to the Parents, a podcast from ParentsTogether connecting parents and caregivers to the incredible power they have to create a better world for their children. Hosted by ParentsTogether's Executive Director Ailen Arreaza, we'll meet regular parents who've done amazing things to ensure a safer, brighter future for their kids. And all kids.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Raising Eco Warriors: Parenting in the Climate Change Era

    Raising Eco Warriors: Parenting in the Climate Change Era

    In this conversation, Winona Bateman, the founder and executive director of Families for a Livable Climate, discusses her inspiration to be vocal about climate change and the anxiety and paralysis that many parents feel about the future. She emphasizes the role of stories in climate action and how they can help engage and empower parents to take action. Winona also shares her approach to talking to kids about climate change and offers advice for parents who are unsure how to approach the topic. She highlights the importance of holding corporations accountable and taking action as families. Despite the challenges, Winona finds hope in nature and life, and encourages others to join the community and work towards a thriving and just world.

  • A Promise to Protect: The Heart of Gun Safety and a New Approach to Advocacy

    A Promise to Protect: The Heart of Gun Safety and a New Approach to Advocacy

    In this episode, host Ailen Arreaza interviews Jessica Stamen, an activist and co-founder of Momtivist and Democrashe. Jessica shares her journey into activism, which was sparked by the Sandy Hook tragedy. She discusses her involvement with Moms Demand Action, an organization fighting for sensible gun legislation and gun safety education. Jessica emphasizes the importance of asking about gun safety and shares tips for parents on how to approach the topic. She also highlights the power of using humor in advocacy and shares examples of her videos that tackle serious issues in a lighthearted way. Jessica talks about her work with Momtivist, a group that empowers parents to fight for what they believe in, and her current focus on Democrashe, a program that empowers high school girls to become leaders and future elected officials. She envisions a future where families and kids are actively engaged in advocacy and making positive change in their communities. You can find out more about Jessica Stamen and her work at: www.democrashe.org @democrasheorg @momtivist @jstamen Follow us for more @parentstogether or find us online at parents-together.org

  • Beyond the Alphabet: Advocacy for Dyslexic Learners

    Beyond the Alphabet: Advocacy for Dyslexic Learners

    This conversation explores the challenges and experiences of a parent advocating for her dyslexic children in the public school system. The discussion highlights the struggles faced by students with dyslexia, the importance of early intervention and support, and the impact of school environments on a child's self-esteem and academic progress. This conversation also touches on the difficulties faced by parents in navigating the education system and the need for systemic change to ensure all children have access to appropriate educational resources and support. Naomi Pena shares her journey of opening the South Bronx Literacy Academy, a New York City Public School that supports students struggling with reading. She discusses the training of teachers and the remarkable outcomes they have achieved. Naomi also emphasizes the need to expand the vision and open schools in every borough of New York City and beyond. She addresses the guilt parents may feel when their children struggle with reading and offers advice on setting expectations and persisting in finding solutions. Naomi highlights the importance of teacher training and the efforts of the Literacy Academy Collective to improve literacy education.

  • Parenting in the Age of Cyberbullying: A Fight for Online Safety

    Parenting in the Age of Cyberbullying: A Fight for Online Safety

    In this episode, Ailen Arreaza engages in a meaningful dialogue with Tracy and LaQuanta, two parents whose children have suffered terrible harms on social media. We'll delve into their personal encounters with social media and the measures they've taken to safeguard their children's online presence. The discussion covers the pivotal moment they decided their children could own phones and engage with social media, along with the complexities and strategic choices they faced to protect their kids in the digital realm. They share poignant experiences of their children facing cyberbullying, focusing on the profound emotional repercussions and the critical steps towards addressing and mitigating such harassment. Specifically, they highlight incidents of racial cyberbullying, the difficulties in pinpointing the perpetrators, and the subsequent legal actions they pursued. The conversation also uncovers the underlying motives of cyberbullies, often driven by a quest for online recognition, and the significant emotional distress inflicted on the victims and their families. Tracy and LaQuanta further share their proactive roles in advocating for change, including pushing for legislative reforms and enhancing public awareness, underscoring the indispensable role of parental communication and the imperative for social media platforms to acknowledge and rectify the damages incurred.

  • Crossing Paths: The Intersection of Parenting and Politics

    Crossing Paths: The Intersection of Parenting and Politics

    In this episode, Ailen Arreaza interviews Jess Craven, an activist and influencer who uses TikTok to discuss the intersection of politics and parenting. They discuss the power of media, the importance of being politically engaged as parents, and the impact of having a non-binary child. Jess shares her experiences dealing with trolls and pushback on social media and offers advice on how to navigate political conversations. She emphasizes the importance of taking action and finding hope in activism, encouraging parents to use their voices and votes to make a difference. In this episode, Jessica Craven discusses the importance of finding hope and taking action in the face of challenges. She emphasizes the power of collective action and encourages listeners to focus on positive news and be part of the solution. Jessica also shares her personal journey of supporting her non-binary child and offers advice for parents of LGBTQ+ children. Finally, she provides information on how to follow her and get involved in creating a better future for children. Instagram/TikTok: @jesscraven101 Newsletter: https://chopwoodcarrywaterdailyactions.substack.com/