Hot Takes: Opinions About the Craft - Part 1

Pardon My Stash by Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess

Episode notes
Meg leads the episode where the cast says "the quiet part out loud" and provides things that are "unpopular" opinions they might have individually regarding the craft. Drea, as predicted, thinks laceweight is BS. Meg and Tina rant about how overrated alpaca is, as well as any potential exceptions (spoiler alert: they also happen to be allergic to it). Meg mentions the overuse of merino in the wrong type of projects. Tina brings a news flash: it doesn't matter what yarn type you prefer, it's OK to prefer any type of yarn because that's why it's a preference. Drea lets us know the yarn police do not exist. Please remember these are personal opinions and if you disagree, that's OK! Because the cast has a lot of different takes on this topic, this is a two part episode. Find out more about this episode and the cast at  ...  Read more