Out on a Limb - Where Traditional Finance and the New Digital Economy Converge

by Tim Enneking

Tim Enneking gives high-level commentary on current events and other global macroeconomic factors that are shaping the fiat/crypto spaces and their growing inter-relationship. This podcast is designed for a broad range of audiences including those only beginning their journey into traditional finance and/or the digital asset space to those with an intermediate to professional understanding of global economics. Tim gives brief,  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • To Halve, or not to Halve

    To Halve, or not to Halve

    In this week's episode, Tim throws out some new macro metrics for listeners to chew on, sticks to his guns on an old prediction, and revisits Twitter, Mt. Gox, and the upcoming BTC halving.

  • Statistical Nibbles

    Statistical Nibbles

    In this lively episode, Tim serves up a delightful assortment of statistical tidbits, keeping the atmosphere light and engaging. Celebrating the spirit of the 4th of July, it's the perfect blend of data-driven insights and holiday cheer!

  • Prigozhin Fiasco

    Prigozhin Fiasco

    In this episode, Tim gives his analysis on a handful of interesting economic metrics, comments on the recent judiciary actions surrounding crypto, and voices his opinions about current events in Russia and Ukraine.

  • Blackrock to the Rescue!

    Blackrock to the Rescue!

    In this episode, Tim gives an update on the FOMC, The SEC vs. Coinbase developments, and Blackrock's new spot BTC ETF.

  • Deflating Inflation

    Deflating Inflation

    In this short, but substantive episode, Tim attacks a wide variety of topics. New inflation numbers, a still possible government shutdown, Ripple vs. the SEC, The Great Resignation, Trump's arraignment, and the Ukrainian counter-offensive are all addressed in this jam-packed episode.