Dr. Kathryn Moore: New Models for Extracting Mineral Resources

Our Resources : Mining, Earth, Science, and Society by Caelen Burand

Episode notes

In the past century, the world has gone through a significant transition. The materials we rely upon once were sourced from tens of millions of small to medium-sized mines spread throughout the world. Nowadays, the majority of formal mining operations are massive open pits, deep underground mines, or other forms of mass extraction. But is this the most efficient way for society to extract it’s mineral resources? That is a critical question as we enter a phase where demand far outpaces supply and efficient supply of mined materials will be a high priority. Dr. Kathryn Moore, from the University of Exeter, has helped to develop a novel system for mining called switch-on and switch-off mining that may advance our ability to efficiently mine. This new model uses small, high grade, ore bodies paired with innovative mining technology to allow minerals  ... 

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